Our Children and Our Youth matter!  

They are very much part of our worship service, and are not just the church of tomorrow, but are a vital part of the church today. 

Sunday School - No formal Sunday School currently, but children are certainly welcome.  There are  colouring sheets and activity sheets to use at the kids' table in the Sanctuary, where they can listen, pray, sing and take part in worship service.  There is also a nursery room for the smallest ones, with speakers so the service can be heard by parents and children alike.

Confirmation - usually begins in Grade 7.  It is a two year process, all about exploring faith with the pastor.  At the end of the process, those who wish to affirm their baptism, saying "Yes" to God's "Yes" to them, are confirmed on Reformation Sunday.   We celebrate with all of our young people as they say YES! to the God who has always loved them and been present with them in the Spirit of Christ.

CLAY (Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth) Look Out Thunder Bay, CLAY Gathering 2018 is headed your way!!! In August 2018, CLAY will be coming to Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario!     CLAY is an incredible youth-centered program that empowers youth and develops leadership; a gathering of Anglican and Lutheran youth from across Canada.  The Gathering takes place every two years at different locations across Canada.    At CLAY, youth encounter scripture in meaningful ways, experience ancient and modern ways of worship, learn together in special interest forums, enjoy fantastic social events, explore the host city, make connections with youth from all over Canada and celebrate our life together.   At the very heart of it, we are all children of God, and we want to affirm and respond to God’s grace and faithfulness in ways that are intentional, practical and meaningful.

Go to http://www.claygathering.ca for pictures of CLAY and for more information.