Grace Lutheran Church, ELCIC

Victoria BC 

"Whoever you are and wherever you are on your journey of faith,

you are welcome in this place."


We are a Christ-centred community, who gather together to worship, pray, study and grow in faith.

As disciples of Jesus, moved by the Holy Spirit, we are called to share God's unconditional love, to be in God's mission for others.

ALL ARE INVITED to join us on this spiritual journey, to find meaning and purpose in life through the free gift of God's grace.


WE are a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, whose members are from many nations, races, cultures, and religious-theological backgrounds.

WE gather - and we welcome YOU - with acceptance of each other regardless of marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity, physical or mental health, social class or economic status.

WE are a Christ-centered community who gathers to worship, pray, study, and grow in faith.

WE invite YOU to a relationship and partnership to grow in God's grace as a community striving to live out the love of Jesus the Christ and to be in mission with others for God's sake in today's world.

Whoever you are and wherever you are on your journey of faith, YOU are welcome in this place!

"Everyone will know that you are my disciples if you have love for one another"           ......John 13:34                  

"Everyone is Beloved; Everyone Belongs"

We are a Reconciling in Christ Congregation

Grace Lutheran Church, ELCIC
1273 Fort Street Victoria BC  V8V 3L4
250 383-5256
Our Administration Office is open from 9 am to 2 pm on Wednesday and Thursday
During August the office will be open Wednesdays only, from 9 to 1, and closed the week of August 28th
Building or other emergency call
Jim Hill, Council President    778-382-5688


10 am


Sept 3        PENTECOST +13   Holy Communion

                   Rev. David Lefsrud

Sept 10       PENTECOST +14    Holy Communion

                    Rev. Jim Hill Presiding

                    Rev. Lenora Grauer Preaching

Sept 17       PENTECOST +15     Holy Communion

                    Rev. Ed Chell

Sept 24       PENTECOST +16    Holy Communion

           Presiding:    Rev. Susan Johnson, National Bishop           of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

Members of Lutheran Church of the Cross will be joining us for worship.


MUSIC IN MISSION EVENT with ELCIC Bishop Susan Johnson

2.30 pm at Lutheran Church of the Cross, 3783 Cedar Hill Rd. in Saanich.

On Sunday September 24, Lutheran Church of the Cross and Grace Lutheran Church will be hosting Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada Bishop, Rev. Susan Johnson for a special event, Music in Mission,  The purpose of the event is to raise funds in support of scholarships for students participating in schools of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land.

Lutherans around the world are observing the 500th anniversary of the reformation begun by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther on October 31, 1517. In addition to his work as a church reformer, Martin Luther was a composer of church music. He was also a strong supporter of education for all people

At 2:30 pm, Bishop Johnson will present a special program of music at Lutheran Church of the Cross, 3783 Cedar Hill Rd. in Saanich.

“During my stay in BC, I will be doing an event called Music in Mission,” National Bishop Susan Johnson said. “Without giving too much away, it will be a combination of speaking and singing, surrounding the theme Liberated by God’s Grace.” Prior to becoming an ordained Lutheran pastor, Bishop Johnson was a voice and music teacher in Coquitlam, BC.

“I am really excited for this upcoming trip,” she added. “Sunday afternoon should be a combination of both entertainment and information. I hope that people are able to walk away having learned a little bit more, but also feeling good about our church and the reformation anniversary.”

Both facilities are handicapped accessible.

Free will offerings at both the worship and the Music in Mission event will help fund scholarships for youth in Jordan and the Holy Land.

For more information contact Rev. Lyle McKenzie at Lutheran Church of the Cross - 250-477-6222 or
Rev. David Lefsrud at Grace Lutheran Church -250-383-5256

Lutherans In Canada 

The Lutheran Church as a movement within Christendom is traditionally dated from October 31, 1517, the day Martin Luther posted 95 theses in Wittenberg, Germany, questioning some of the practice in the church of his day, particularly the sale of indulgences.     The term “Lutheran” was first applied in a derogatory way to the followers of the 16th century reformer.  Luther objected to the name for a different reason.  He wanted them to retain only the identification “Christian”, but “Lutheran” has stuck – for more than 470 years.

With Bible, Catechism and Hymnbook packed among their belongings, Lutherans formed and important tributary to the stream of immigrants which poured into the New World.  The winter of 1619 found a group of Danes, under Captain Jens Munck and with Captain Rasmus Jensen, conducting Lutheran worship services on the shores of Hudson’s Bay.


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